Whangarei Youth Space - Give Partner Visit

Whangarei Youth Space - Give Partner Visit

Nestled in Whangarei, New Zealand, Whangarei Youth Space stands as a beacon of hope for young people aged 12-24. Their vision is that all young people thrive and feel valued and they achieve this by offering free Youth Health and Youth Development services, making a profound impact on their community.

The range of services provided by Whangarei Youth Space is extensive and holistic. From creating a safe space for sports and arts to offering free, confidential healthcare services that focus on mental, physical, and sexual health needs. Swift access to support is ensured through referrals from GPs and hospitals, accompanied by a walk-in approach that eliminates waiting lists. Committed health nurses and youth workers provide crucial mentoring and support, filling essential gaps in services.

Whangarei Youth Space is also committed to the normalization of menstrual health. Their educational initiatives, both within schools and the community, promote the proper use of reusable products like menstrual cups and underwear. Personal stories highlight the impact of these efforts, with individuals finding comfort and transformation through these resources. Moreover, the organization extends its inclusivity by providing a supportive environment for those undergoing transitions.

Dignity provides quarterly deliveries of free period products to the space - "Dignity, you are incredible! The period products you have provided have been life-changing for many people and their whānau. One Dad commented that his girls having reusable products has decreased their shopping bill. Another mum, who had family missing days from school, because they didn’t have access to period products before, rang me with a very tearful thank you, stating her girls were able to carry on with their education.”

The partnership between Whangarei Youth Space and Dignity exemplifies the strength of collaborative efforts. By joining forces, our impact is magnified, contributing to the betterment of young lives and fostering a healthier, empowered community. In the words of Whangarei Youth Space, "Dignity, We are very appreciative of your support!!"

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