Dignity, FIFA Women's World Cup & Tataki Auckland

Dignity, FIFA Women's World Cup & Tataki Auckland
In June 2023, Dignity had the honour of speaking at the Hine o Te Kura Symposium – the event was part of Tātaki Auckland Unlimited and the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™ leverage and legacy program and its purpose was to help to break down menstrual equity barriers to participation in sport and education.

We took the stage to speak about the biology of periods, period equity and inequity and how we can work together to create a new normal for periods across Aotearoa.

We were joined by some other amazing speakers – AWWA spoke about Ikura and Te Aro Māori world view, Organic Initiative spoke about periods and Sustainability, Education Outdoors New Zealand spoke about Diversity and Inclusion and there was a great panel of sports players talking about their personal period experiences! All topped off by an amazing MC Arizona Leger!

It was great to talk to such a large audience about periods in a normal and empowering way – it’s all part of reducing the stigma and shame and to further working towards creating Period Equity in Aotearoa. 
When the tournament games kicked off in July, FIFA also very kindly gifting tickets to all of our wonderful Dignity Give Partners.

Our Give Partners do incredible mahi, helping us to get free period products to people who need it the most - a lot of them are volunteers and all are non profits so it was an amazing gesture from FIFA to gift these to people who are making such an incredible difference to peoples lives across Aotearoa. 

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