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Buy one - Give one to end Period Poverty

Dignity’s mission is to make period products accessible to everyone who needs them, so no one misses out on work, education, sport, or anything else in life.

Creating Period Equity.

Partnering with leading businesses across Aotearoa, we deliver a comprehensive offer to help workplaces set up period products in offices. This includes a customised subscription, with pads, tampons, canisters or dispensers and marketing material.
We also gift the equivalent number of free period products to youth and community groups, education providers, and food banks, ensuring those who can't afford these essential items receive the support they deserve and have equal opportunities.

Removing the stigma.

By sharing Impact Reports and advocating for change, Dignity is actively working to reduce the stigma surrounding periods and eradicate period poverty. Our efforts create a brighter future, where all individuals have equal access to period products and experience a sense of dignity and support in their lives.


Total individual products gifted


Boxes of Oi Pads & Tampons gifted


Pairs of AWWA period care underwear gifted


Give Partners that have received free period products


Impact Partners that have provided period products in workplaces


Menstrual Cups gifted

Why Dignity

Enhance employee wellbeing

Supply sustainable products

Create social impact

Support local NZ brands

Some of the amazing brands we work with

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How employees at Dignity supported workplaces feel

Mediaworks Employee

Dignity at work is SO helpful. Especially in those unexpected situations. Its nice knowing the business cares about this. I feel valued, seen and supported.

ANZ Employee

Its great having an employer that supports employees with their health and wellbeing, but am also proud that ANZ supports Dignity with its goal of ending period poverty with its buy one, give one approach”

Summerset Construction Site Employee

Having Dignity is a nice touch in a very male-dominated environment - it shows we are thinking of the ladies on site.

Meridian Employee

Dignity’s period products in the bathroom is great - it's often awkward trying to get period products out of your bag to take to the bathroom under the eyes of your colleagues, or worse you may be caught short without any on you - having them available in the bathrooms makes life so much easier and less stressful in these situations!

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