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Our Mission:


Creating a movement for free sanitary items for all women in New Zealand.


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Making Sanitary Products Affordable To  All New Zealand Women



October 2017

“I’m so impressed by this initiative. I’ve told all my friends about it, makes me proud to work here.”

Female Xero Employee / Read Full Article



Our Impact

Dignity have a Buy One Give One model with every box purchased by a company for their female employees, the equivalent gets given away to High Schools in New Zealand where girls are missing school from not having access to sanitary items.



boxes given away

We are commitment to making sanitary items accessible to all women in New Zealand. 



schools we partner with

All across New Zealand high schools receive the buy one products from Dignity



Thousand Women Impacted

The total number of women in the workplace and at school that free access to sanitary items.

Read about the Impact Initiative

Dignity is proud to be a part of the Impact Initiative, teaching New Zealand about the potential of sociel enterprise.