The Family of Period Poverty Initiatives

The Family of Period Poverty Initiatives

The family of Period Poverty initiatives: How to Donate and Get Involved

The issue of period poverty is really complex, and involves a lot of different parts of society and deeply held views. 

To solve such a massive issue there are already a large number of initiatives in this space all working together to increase access and affordability to sanitary items. Here’s a non exhaustive list of how you can donate and get involved. 


Dignity is a women’s wellness initiative that champions period equity through a ‘buy one, give one’ model.  Our corporate partners purchase period products to put in their bathrooms and we donate the equivalent number of boxes and supply them to local high schools, youth and community organisations throughout New Zealand.  

We are super interested in more businesses coming on board to support our movement to make sanitary items in the workplace the norm and supporting those in schools to have access to these items when they need.  

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You can also make individual donations of period products by supporting our Give Two Boxes initiative.   

Give Two Boxes

AWWA Period Proof Underwear

AWWA support Dignity in an official partnership working to bring waste-free period care to our most vulnerable students throughout New Zealand. To date AWWA has donated over 1000 pairs of underwear to Dignity for us to donate to our give partners.


Tickle Me Pink

Tickle me Pink provides period care packages. 5% of all profits go directly towards Dignity.


Soap for Society

Lucy Revill from Residents of Wellington started Soap for Society in 2018 to help the Wellington City Mission collect hygiene items including sanitary items for those in need.


Foodbank + Salvation Army

These two great organisations teamed up to create a women’s bundle that distributes sanitary item packs to those in need.

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A charity that provides raincoats, school gear and sanitary items to Kiwi kids in New Zealand.

Donate here

Organic Initiative

Through our sanitary supplier Organic Initiative’s website when you purchase a box of sanitary items you have the option to donate a box by adding $6 to your order to Dignity.


Wā Collective

Our amazing friends at Wa Collective have a social enterprise focusing on menstrual cups in the tertiary institutions. By choosing a Wā Cup, you are subsidising a menstrual cup for a student 

Your purchase subsidises a Wā Cup for someone in need, preventing period poverty from affecting education in NZ - super cool and great for the planet.

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The Period Place

Part of the Positive Periods campaign The Period Place advocates for people with periods, and amplifies their voices. They’d love to hear from you.


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