Period Poverty

Helping The Next Generation

Periods aren't just an annoyance for New Zealand female students, it's also affecting their education. Girls have been missing school and make-shifting items out of telephone books, toilet paper and rags because the cost of menstruation products is just too high. Even when families do prioritise these items the outcome can still detrimental. When you're living on $10 a day, a $6 packet of pads can reduce the ability to purchase healthy and fresh food that is conducive to concentration and learning. 

Periods are an unavoidable cost and students shouldn't be disadvantaged because of this. 

Through Dignity's buy-one give-one model businesses can help aid these students by providing these safe, quality and accessible tampons and pads to schools. So far, 500 boxes have been given to schools in both Wellington and Auckland. And we aren't stopping yet!

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