Gifting to Te Wakahuia Manawatū Trust

Gifting to Te Wakahuia Manawatū Trust

Te Wakahuia Manawatū Trust is one of Dignity's Give Partners, who receives free period products to support their community. Situated in the heart of Palmerston North, the Te Wakahuia Manawatū Trust stands as a pivotal figure in providing health and social services that cater specifically to the needs and well-being of Māori communities.

Established to bring local, culturally-sensitive care into the forefront, this Trust has developed a comprehensive approach to health that spans physical, spiritual, social, and emotional aspects, ensuring that services are both accessible and deeply resonant with Māori values and practices.

"Working together with Dignity has had a profound impact on the girls' confidence and overall well-being, allowing them to embrace their menstrual cycles with dignity and pride."

Through its fruitful partnership with Dignity NZ, Te Wakahuia has been able to extend its reach and impact by incorporating free period products into its array of services. This collaboration shines brightly within the Hine Puawai Programme, an innovative and nurturing initiative designed for young Māori women, which emphasizes the importance of understanding and embracing menstrual health within the context of Māori traditions and cultural significance.

The Trust's commitment to fostering environments where participants can discuss and learn about menstrual health openly has led to the establishment of programs like the Whānau Wānanga, further enhancing community engagement and support for young women.

This holistic approach to health and wellness, enriched by the availability of period products, has significantly contributed to strengthening community bonds, enhancing individual confidence, and challenging menstrual stigma in meaningful and lasting ways.

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