Dignity NZ Applauds New Zealand Government Commitment to Fund Free Period Products in Schools

Dignity NZ Applauds New Zealand Government Commitment to Fund Free Period Products in Schools

Dignity NZ, a leading period product provider dedicated to creating period equity
and ending period poverty, expresses its relief and appreciation for the New Zealand government decision to continue funding free period products in schools. This announcement was reported by Newstalk ZB and confirmed by the Minister for Education, Erica Stanford, earlier today.

The provision of free period products in schools is a crucial step towards ensuring
that all students have access to the period products they need, regardless of their
socio-economic background to ensure they don’t miss out.. Dignity NZ believes that no student should ever have to miss out on their education or face embarrassment due to a lack of access to period products.

By committing to continuing the Ikura programme to fund free period products in
schools, the New Zealand government is not only addressing a pressing issue but
also demonstrating its dedication to supporting the well-being and educational
opportunities of all students. This initiative will undoubtedly have a positive impact
on the lives of countless young individuals, empowering them to fully participate in
their education without the burden of period poverty.

Prior to the Ministry of Educations period program rollout, Dignity NZ provided over 120 schools with free period products. ‘The impact of providing free period products in schools is significant, we know this, as the majority of our early partners were schools. When we conducted a survey in 2020 with our school partners, they reported ‘90%’ increased attendance’ and spoke about the importance of products being freely available to increase confidence and reduce stigma’ which is an incredible outcome, says Lisa Maathuis, General Manager, Dignity.

Dignity NZ commends Minister Erica Stanford and the New Zealand government for their progressive and compassionate approach in recognizing the importance of menstrual equity. This commitment to funding free period products in schools sets a significant precedent for other nations to follow, as it highlights the governments commitment to gender equality and the well-being of its citizens. Dignity NZ co- founder Jacinta Gulasekharam says this demonstrates having access to period products is not political, it's essential in supporting the health and wellbeing of students in education.

Dignity NZ remains committed to working alongside the government, schools, and
communities to continue to advocate for access to period products in workplaces,
community spaces and schools. We will continue to advocate for comprehensive
menstrual health education, destigmatization of periods, and the provision of
sustainable and environmentally friendly period products.

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