Founders Words 7/4/20

Founders Words 7/4/20

Message from Founders 7/4/20

Over the last month, everyone’s world has completely changed. As our new normal sets in, Dignity is also in the process of adapting the way we operate to continue to survive and champion period equity for New Zealanders.

Two and a half weeks ago, we were celebrating new partnerships, and making plans to continue to grow. Days later, we were in the process of removing all fixed costs from our business as we prepared to enter lockdown. 

The pace at which this has changed our world is still hard to comprehend, but we are so grateful for the action taken by the New Zealand government to save lives, rather than keep us operating as usual for the sake of money and putting people at risk. 

As a ‘buy-one-give-one’ social enterprise we rely on our corporate partners to provide their staff and New Zealand communities in need with period products. We are fortunate that we have a model that can be rapidly scaled back as required however, we still don’t know what the future holds for us as a small business.

With the current lockdown, and everyone working from home, our client’s have put their orders on hold, and as a result we haven’t been able to donate product over the last month. Until we all have a better understanding of what the world looks like post lockdown, this has created a challenging time for us all, especially those in vulnerable communities experiencing period inequity.

What matters more than money is people. People are the ones who are affected by Covid-19 and that is what is on our minds.

Our world won’t be the same when this lock down ends and that means Dignity needs to change to make sure we can continue our impact. 

Our mission is to continue to fulfill our buy one give one promise. 

Dignity is an essential service under the Covid-19 lockdown and we are still able to send orders.  We are following all safety protocols and procedures to ensure everyone's well being as we manage deliveries.

There are a few ways you can help us and those experiencing period poverty at this time.  For those who can, we are keen for you to consider supporting our Give Two Boxes package

Going forward we are exploring individual subscriptions and would love it if you could give us feedback on an individual period product subscription, through this form here

With schools closed we will need help getting these items to those in need so any connections with communities that have this need would be amazing - you can get in touch with us here.

We know this is scary, but our belief has to be in people and knowing that this will pass. What we ask is that you be informed, not afraid of the world around us. 

This is a time to remember what you have, what you can’t control and what you can do. 

None of us are alone in this. None of us are untouched. But all of us can make a difference.

Practice social distancing

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds

Stay home

Be kind

Kia kaha ❤️

Miranda & Jacinta 

Dignity Co-Founders

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