Dignity's visit to Wellington Women’s House

Dignity's visit to Wellington Women’s House

One of the best parts of working at Dignity is visiting our partners.

Recently, our Wellington team went to visit Te Whare Awhi Wahine o Whanganui-a-Tara – Wellington Women’s House.

Wellington Women’s House is a safe space for anyone who identifies as a woman. It’s open to people on low income or who are in transition. As well as providing comfortable, private spaces to live, this amazing organisation supports women with things like CV writing and looking for jobs, helping them to learn key skills to be able to navigate living life independently in the future. 

The wonderful coordinator Neveh showed us around and talked us through how the residents have been finding the period products that Dignity supplies to them.

It was heartwarming to learn that both Neveh and the residents have been loving the initiative. It’s truly amazing to see the impact Dignity has on people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to menstrual products.

AWWA reusable period underwear has been a particularly good option. Neveh discussed the incredible way it can support people beyond their stay at Wellington Women’s House: once they move out and into their own housing, they still own a product they can reuse – which is helpful when they’ll have to face other costs of living.

Wellington Women’s House is a lovely, welcoming, comfortable space, and we were grateful to be able to visit and see our period products serving those who are most in need. 

Thank you Neveh for having us!

If you want to support and learn more about the Wellington Women’s House, you can check them out here.

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