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Dignity's partnership with Oi

Dignity's partnership with Oi

Organic Initiative (Oi) is our very first Dignity partner.

Oi period care products are made of 100% certified organic cotton, come in an environmentally friendly cardboard packaging, and they are vegan and cruelty-free.

Harmful chemicals at Oi are a big no-no.

Oi uses organic cotton that has been grown according to strict standards without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. This means that Oi tampons, pads and panty liners contain no toxic chemicals, harmful preservatives, synthetic additives, or GMO, so they are better for the environment and for your body.

On top of tampons and pads being nasties-free, Oi also makes sure that chemicals such as chlorine bleach and dioxin are also avoided during processing or manufacturing.

Since Oi period care products are made from plant-based, biodegradable materials, they have a much kinder environmental impact than products that contain synthetic fibres. Just like plastic bags, synthetic period products take between 500 to 600 years to decompose, contributing to the release of methane gas into the atmosphere in the process.

Oi period products break down in only 5 years!

We see a world where products can be made without relying on environmental pollutants, without exploiting vulnerable workers, and without exposing users to potentially harmful substances. That’s why we use certified organic cotton, sustainable packaging, and manufacture our products according to strict environmental and labour guidelines.

We love partnering with Oi and we are proud of supporting a company that avoids plastics, synthetics, and potentially unsafe chemicals in period care products.

We now have over 70 businesses supporting our Buy-one, Give-one model, providing Oi period products to their employees. Thanks to them, we have gifted over 43,000 boxes of Oi period products to people without access. Yay!

Check out Oi’s website to find out more about them 💚


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