Dignity's partnership with AWWA

Dignity's partnership with AWWA

Along with Oi, AWWA Period Care is Dignity’s other beloved partner.

Indigenous owned and female founded, AWWA truly is an amazing brand. Their undies are made of natural, organic and recycled fibres, and one single pair of period underwear can absorb up to five regular pads or tampons worth of blood 🤯

AWWA is also committed to donating the equivalent of 2% revenue in period product donations to the communities in every financial year (Designed to Give scheme).

Period poverty is still very much a reality in Aotearoa. Not having adequate access to period products is a contributing factor to the inequalities between the genders and socio-economic groups within society.

According to AWWA’s data from their website:

  • 29% of New Zealand teens said they have missed school due to lack of period products

  • 53 % of New Zealanders has found it difficult to afford sanitary items at some point

  • 23% of New Zealanders has missed school or work due to lack of sanitary care

Just as Dignity, AWWA also believes that no one should miss out on education or work because they are on their period. AWWA supports charities, community organisations, schools, and not-for-profit organisations. Since we partnered with them, AWWA has given Dignity nearly 5000 pairs of period underwear!

AWWA is dedicated to eradicating period poverty in Aotearoa, reducing gender inequalities, keeping individuals engaged in education and work, and establishing long-term positive impact on people’s wellbeing: build confidence and empowerment, and remove period shame and stigma around menstruation.

Based on data they have collected, thanks their Designed to Give scheme:

• Over 75% of recipients reported a reduction in the number of days they do not attend school or work due to having their ikura (period)

• Over 75% of recipients reported improved quality of life

• Over 75% of recipients will continue to use AWWA to manage their ikura (period)

Dignity now has over 70 businesses supporting our Buy-one, Give-one model, providing AWWA period products to their employees. AWWA is donating 750 pairs of period underwear to Dignity every quarter. This is an immense help to deliver period equity and supply period products to those without access.

(Photo from AWWA website)

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