Yellow x Her Say x Dignity

Yellow x Her Say x Dignity

We have come together with Yellow to share some powerful stories from The Aunties.

Founded by Jackie Clark in 2013, The Aunties are a grassroots charity who walk alongside those living with domestic violence to guide, listen, and provide a voice until they are confident enough to walk in their own power.

We asked these women where we could share these stories so others could have the opportunity to read them. They expressed that whilst in abusive relationships, the bathroom was one of the few places they could have a moment alone, a moment to breathe.

Her Say is written from the hearts of New Zealand women from all backgrounds. The book is a collection of uncompromising and challenging stories but offers hope, healing and redemption.

We are proud to have been able to include a copy of Her Say with our regular shipments of period products for the workplace to our Impact Partners so these brave wahine can share their stories with people in a place where they once found solace.

“Told in their own worlds, the stories of New Zealand women who have lived in - and escaped - abusive relationships”

You can also support The Aunties by picking up a copy of Her Say at bookstores or online. All royalties from the book go back to The Aunties to support their important mahi.

Learn more about The Aunties here

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