Woman of the Month: Louise Aitken

Woman of the Month: Louise Aitken

Louise is a strong advocate for social responsibility and impact, driven to make meaningful change by putting positive impact at the heart of our economy. Dignity is proud to be an Akina certified supplier.

1. What does Dignity mean to you? 

I am very lucky to watch the extraordinary journey that Dignity has had. Not only as a customer, but as a cheerleader & supporter to help them tell their story, expanding with new customers and celebrating their social enterprise approach to business. I have been inspired by Dignity's passion & boldness and the massive amount of change that they have able to achieve for thousands of women in Aotearoa NZ.

2. What was your experience with your period? 

My period started when I was 16, a few months after my twin sister got hers. Lucky to be pre-warned and ready! 

3. What is the best thing for you about being a woman and menstruation? 

Menstruation meant I had the ability to became a Mum! After having my period for nearly 30 years, it is just a part of my life, and maybe for at least another 10 years! The thing I am most happy about is that now it is becoming more common and normal to talk about periods, thanks to the fantastic work that Dignity and others are doing.

4. What makes you feel empowered/comfortable in your skin? 

I am driven by my purpose and passion for helping people & planet to thrive. Knowing this is hugely empowering as it guides me to be the person I want, and can, be. 

5. What would you like to say to anyone getting their first period? 

It is amazing to know how supported, connected and enabled you are. Reach out for help & connection, talk to your mates & whānau and join in the conversation to make periods just a normal part of life!

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