Michele Wilson and how AWWA came to be

Michele Wilson and how AWWA came to be

If you have been following us for a while, you’ll know how proud we are to partner with AWWA period care. AWWA is a truly incredible brand, and we are stoked to receive 750 pairs of undies every quarter from them. 

If you are curious to know more about AWWA, keep on reading!

In this episode of the #businessisboring podcast, Simon Pound talks to founder and CEO of AWWA period care Michele Wilson about her path to business and how AWWA came to be, as well as Michele’s own journey of connection to herself, her roots, and the earth.

Raised disengaged from her own culture and tradition, Michele only started discovering her Māori heritage after having her second daughter. Since then, she has dived head-first into a journey of self-discovery, connecting to her roots and following her call towards Rongoā (traditional knowledge and medicine).

After discovering the properties of kawakawa to heal damaged skin, and “accidentally” starting a business of kawakawa balm production at her daughter school - and soon within her entire community and beyond, Michelle continued her mission to learn about her ancestors’ Rongoā. This is what led to ikura (period) care and how it used to be managed.

AWWA period care launched as a kickstarter, and hit what was expected to be a month's worth of sales overnight.

But AWWA is not just about the undies. Michele is an advocate for what having your ikura means beyond how you manage it, leading the conversation around understanding your cycle and honouring a time that used to be tapu (sacred).  

Tracking your cycle against Maramataka (the Māori lunar calendar) can teach you how to best work around it, how to connect with yourself and the environment, and help your journey towards happiness and purpose.

All Michele wanted when she started AWWA was for her daughters to have the best possible life. Now, she is educating mothers, daughters and all menstruators about their ikura, and how to manage it without harming the earth.

Check the link below if you want to find out more about AWWA, Michele’s journey, and what she’s got in store for the near future. 

(Photo of Michele Wilson from LinkedIn)

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