Is Dignity a charity?

Is Dignity a charity?

Dignity is a Social Enterprise, that is a business for purpose or with a charitable aim.

There are many ways to structure the company of a social enterprise, whether it's a charitable arm of a trust. Dignity is a registered limited company.

Other social enterprises that you might know include Eat My Lunch, Little Yellow Bird and Organic Initiative. What these businesses have in common is an aim that is beyond just profit, be it socially, environmentally or impact driven.

Our purpose is to make sanitary items accessible to women in New Zealand, so our social enterprise works from the top of our strategic plan down to every detail of our operations and logistics.

For example our operations are carbon neutral to meet our environmental goals and we have chosen to have a buy one give one model to provide access to sanitary items for secondary schools students.

Social enterprises aim to be financially sustainable so those involved can not only do good in the community but also make sure their creators can pay their rent, electricity and grocery bills. It also means they have the ability to make a profit that can be reinvested back into the purpose or distributed to those involved.

For more on information on Social Enterprises check out the Akina website.

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