Talks With Innovators, Creatives & Enterprisers [TWICE]: Options For Women

Talks With Innovators, Creatives & Enterprisers [TWICE]: Options For Women

Dignity co-founder Jacinta had a good yarn with Rebecca Stewart (and show producer David Binstead) on the latest episode #80 of ‘Talks with innovators, creatives & enterprisers | twice’. 

On what they chatted about and why you should give it a listen, over to David:

We loved having Jacinta on the show to chat about her journey of making a positive impact through her work at DignityNZ. Here’s some of my takeouts from the episode:

  • Collaboration – working powerfully together with fellow social enterprise founders to scale impact, with for example their Xmas period pack.

  • Research – an evidence-based approach to ensuring their initial market validation is genuinely impacting the right people.

  • Finding community in the unlikeliest of places – her best job (so far) being security detail at Red Badge.

  • Old white men have a place, and value – acknowledging that some of the pale and male brigade aren’t necessarily stale. Her school principal and local MP as two stand-outs of the genre who are actively supporting future generations.

  • Education’s ok, but the real work starts when applied practically – Jacinta’s belief that each has its place, yet her current full-time role was secured on the back of skills honed with Dignity, and the Vic Uni Bootcamp.


So, if you like the work Jacinta is doing at DignityNZ, you’ll do well to check out the episode via any of these listed locations:

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Spotify (yes that Spotify!)

Pocket Casts ($ app but it’s really great)


Talks With Innovators, Creatives and Enterprisers [twice] is a ‘love not money’ audio project by David Binstead to amplify the stories of people making positive dents on society, via the digital. Episodes strive to get behind the headlines, through personal stories, learns and some of our guests’ journeys to now. He’d be stoked for you to browse and listen to well and lesser-known New Zealand’s change-makers, across more than 80 episodes published since 2015. 

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