Dignity's 5 Reasons to Apply to the Viclink Bootcamp

Dignity's 5 Reasons to Apply to the Viclink Bootcamp

We both had no idea how to start and run a business. Within three months Dignity had an operating model, a business partnership with Organic Initiative and interest from our first customer Flick Electric. This was thanks to the Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp, a summer pre-accelerator programme.

It was a 3 month programme run from November to February that shaped and determined the business model that Xero and Flick get to enjoy now. Bootcamp applications are open for this year and we thought it would be a great idea to tell you why you should apply.

1. It’s Fun!

This bootcamp is fun because it's non-traditional in the sense that it involves no physical exercise or outdoors, you get a whole summer growing a startup from scratch in the best co-working space in New Zealand - Biz Dojo. Creating and moulding your own company with incredible resources and mentors behind you is a lot of fun.


2. You get $$$

Money isn’t everything, but it does make the world go around and give you the autonomy to buy some cheeky nuggets. Viclink knows this and gives you a small stipend during Bootcamp. It is contingent upon actively participating which we would highly recommend doing.


3. You can actually make a real company that makes real money

Besides just actually having an idea and testing it out, some teams have been able to progress their businesses to turn a profit and operate sustainably. Some of these businesses include Food Ninja, Point Zero, Hatcher and of course Dignity.

These are real businesses that can become part time and sometimes full time roles for you! Think about it; no boss, no rostered hours - just you and your awesome company!

4. You meet amazing people

Life is about the doing more of what make you happy, and if inspiring people that support your dreams make you happy then bootcamp is for you!

Throughout the Bootcamp you get to work alongside other amazing Bootcamp attendees in the same boat as you testing and trialing their own ideas. These people support you through those 3 months through our own ups and downs with your mentor who guides you every week.

Self-proclaimed “Camp Mum” Emily is always there to help and is a serial connector to those that can help with your business.

We couldn’t have made Dignity without the fantastic Bootcampers of 2016-2017 and can call them friends - who wouldn’t want to spend their summer making cool friends?


5. The Bootcamp Partners are Lit

Now we know that phrase is overused but when it comes to talking about Bizdojo, accountants Deloitte and lawyer’s Chapman Tripp it is no exaggeration.

Understanding Intellectual property, how to create a startup budget and working with fellow entrepreneurs is an environment like no other.

We learnt more about business from the Bootcamp than from our Commerce degrees, to understand what it takes to crack the business world you need to be at this Bootcamp.

Five reasons are surely enough for you to quit reading and start applying now! Get that idea you’ve always wanted off the ground and start growing your own business. 

Written by Jacinta Gulasekharam & Miranda Hitchings, co-founders of Dignity (2016-2017 Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp alumni)
Dignity is a social enterprise with Buy-one-Give-one sanitary items in the workplace - to find out more go to Dignitynz.com

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