Dignity consulted with on roll out of free period products to students

Dignity consulted with on roll out of free period products to students

Today the Positive Periods campaign team was invited to consult with the Prime Minister and Minister for Women on the roll-out of period products in schools.

Using the experience and impact Dignity has created in three and a half years it was good to reiterate the importance of choice, easy access and making sure to empower not stigmatise those needing products.

We are looking forward to seeing the start of this government policy and continuing to support, advocate and provide a choice of period products for students across New Zealand.

Feedback from a school nurse at St Catherine's College, Wellington 2/6/2020: 

"Thank-you so much for the box that arrived today. I immediately filled up the bins I have in the girls toilets. It makes such a difference to attendance and provides security for our students"


Since 2017 Dignity has:

  • Provided for free, more than 27,000 boxes of organic pads, tampons, menstrual cups, and period underwear to 130 schools and community groups across New Zealand. 

  • Established and maintained ongoing relationships with schools

  • Developed an efficient and cost-effective ordering and distribution process 

  • Proven experience and understanding of issues surrounding period poverty 

  • Published innovative impact reporting that has raised the awareness of period poverty as a real issue.  

  • Established partnerships with AWWA, NZ Family Planning & Organic Initiative

Link to the Government Press Release here


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