Celebrating five years of Dignity!

Celebrating five years of Dignity!

This month we celebrated five years of Dignity! ⠀

From a conversation between two friends in a flat in Pōneke in 2017 to a team of five, a warehouse of period products, and over 200 Impact and Give Partners across Aotearoa, we have come a long way and created real change and impact together!

We celebrated with a small gathering here in Wellington and have been thinking of everyone who has been part of the journey so far, our Give partners representing youth, school, and community groups, our Impact Partners welcoming period products into the workplace, and supporting the wider community through our Buy-one, Give-one initiative and all of our individual Give partners who pay it forward by gifting a cup, box of period products or period-proof underwear!⠀

The impact we are able to make in the journey towards period equity together is amazing! Being able to celebrate over 500,000 products gifted in five years is the best birthday gift we could wish for!⠀

A little text from some of the (informal) speeches for those of you who couldn’t celebrate with us in person here:

"It was very special to share our 5th Birthday with so many of you who have been with Dignity from the start.⠀

Dignity has grown steadily over the last 5 years from when it all started back in Jacinta and Miranda' flat in Kelburn in 2016. With us today are our first 3 Impact Partners. Nikki Bloomfield who was our very first client and introduced Dignity to Flick Electric and then again at Flux Federation. Sarah Reading who introduced Dignity to Xero and Felicity Evans who took a huge chance on us and introduced Dignity to ANZ, Felicity is now one of our Advisors. ⠀

There are many more people here today who have been with us from the start. We couldn't done it without their continued support"⠀

Anika - Dignity General Manager.

"Most new businesses don't survive past their first two years and we are very grateful to have made it 5 years" ⠀
Dignity has continued to grow and advocate for the provision of period products for all people without access. Through Jacinta leading the Positive Period Petition, we have seen period products being provided free to all schools and kura in Aotearoa. This has also resulted in a greater awareness of both Dignity and the issue of period equity in the workplace and for people without access.⠀

It has been heartwarming to see some of the shame and stigma surrounding periods reducing, it has also allowed people to feel more comfortable to raise issues surrounding parental leave and menopause other traditionally taboo subjects⠀

We are excited to see Dignity continue to grow in 2022"

Jacinta - Dignity co-founder

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