Beyond Zero: Celebrating Our Carbon Positive Re-certification

Beyond Zero: Celebrating Our Carbon Positive Re-certification

Achieving Carbon Positive Status

We are excited to share that Dignity has achieved carbon positive certification again, a milestone that pushes us beyond carbon neutrality. This significant achievement involves assessing our emissions, implementing reduction strategies, and investing in carbon removal projects through EKOS. By going carbon positive, we are not just offsetting our impact but actively contributing to environmental regeneration.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our carbon positive status. We are dedicated to reducing plastic pollution and promoting the use of sustainable materials. Our period care products, made from certified organic cotton, are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, supporting both your health and the planet's sustainability. The tampons and pads we provide, bio degrade in 5 years, compared to 500-800 years for some of the large global brands that have plastics in them.

Zero-Waste Period Care

In our mission to reduce environmental impact, we offer a variety of zero-waste period care products. From menstrual cups to reusable period underwear, our products provide effective, comfortable, and eco-friendly alternatives. These options not only help in reducing landfill waste but also support our broader goal of creating a sustainable, waste-free future.

Join us in celebrating this pivotal achievement and continue to support our journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally positive world.

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