The family of Period Poverty initiatives: How to Donate and Get Involved

The issue of period poverty is super wicked – that is, it’s really complex, involves a lot of different parts of society and is home to deeply held and varied views.

To solve such a massive issue there are already a large amount of initiatives in this space all working together to increase access and affordability to sanitary items.

Where can I donate?

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of how you can donate and get involved.


Dignity NZ

Our initiative is a buy one, give one sanitary items in the workplace model. Organisations like ANZ and Cigna purchase a subscription from us, giving their female employees free access to sanitary items – we then match equivalent number of boxes to away to female students in high schools across New Zealand.

We are always interested in more businesses coming onboard to support our movement to make sanitary items in the workplace the norm and supporting
those in schools to have access to these items when they need.

Miranda Hitchings