Dignity at Yellow 

Dignity provides a Buy One Give One model for sanitary items in the workplace. Alongside Organic Initiative, Dignity at work is a tangible initiative to encourage inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.




Industry: Digital Marketing

Founded: 1988

Employees: 185

Dignity package: Team Package

Dignity customers since: October 2018 


What kind of goods and services does Yellow provide?

Yellow is your one stop shop for digital marketing solutions for kiwi businesses.

What does Yellow think of Dignity?

We love it.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive. We wanted to support young NZ woman.  Being kiwi and helping people thrive is part of who we are.  

Why Did Yellow Sign Up To Dignity At Work?

Women in the workplace, wellbeing and diversity is something that is integral to who we are at Yellow.  

Supporting kiwi social enterprise schemes that are giving something back to our community is important to us and our values.  Not to mention the products, which are also local and organic. So, it was a no brainer.  

How did you find the sign-up process?

Easy. The team couldn’t have been more helpful. 


How did you introduce the initiative to your staff?

We initially introduced this into our Auckland office.  We made some posters that included some messaging about why it mattered to us as a business, posted it up on Workplace (Facebook for work) with some info about the business and why we wanted to support this cause.

The response was so great we introduced it nationwide into all out offices as well.

Our CEO also talked to this initiative at our company wide weekly stand up and we had great support from our amazing leadership team.

We also had the lovely Jacinta and Miranda visit us as part of our Parallel Project, a woman in leadership initiative that we have here at Yellow, to hear about the journey they have been on and learn about the great work they are doing.

How was the process of signing up to Dignity and implementing the initiative in the workplace?

It was super easy.   Dignity made the process seamless. Everyone was really behind this initiative and very engaged because it was such a worthwhile cause. It also created awareness around some important social issues such as period poverty.

How have your team found it so far?

It’s had a huge impact. We’ve had the business come together to support a greater good.  The ladies in the business have really appreciated the products too.


Has there been any notable change within staff?

People are proud to work for a company that are supporting the community and giving something back. The support has been outstanding from both the men and the woman in the business.   

What was the feedback like about the Buy One Give One model?

It’s been overwhelming positive.  Supporting girls who may otherwise not be able to go to school because of period poverty is something that we feel strongly about. It ties into our Parallel Project here at Yellow which we’ve set up to help empower woman on their journey in life.

Would you recommend other companies join Dignity?

Without a doubt.  It’s an amazing initiative.

Thoughts on the initiative in general?

Supporting woman to thrive and overcome obstacles in life is personally close to my heart so this is super important. A lot of people here at Yellow feel the same.  To support local woman and woman in business is hugely important to the success of this country and our culture as a whole. We’re proud to be part of this journey.