Who We Are

Diversity – Inclusion – Accountability – Sustainability – Transparency


Dignity’s mission is to provide access to sanitary items for all women in New Zealand.


Dignity, the company:

Dignity started at the beginning of 2017 in order to help females in New Zealand have access to sanitary items in work and at school. Dignity uses a ‘buy one, give one’ approach so that companies can provide sanitary items not only to their staff, but also to local students who are lacking access to pads and tampons, causing them to miss out on education.

Meet the Team

Miranda Hitchings and Jacinta Gulasekharam first founded Dignity through the Viclink Entrepreneurial Bootcamp, fostering their idea to create accessibility of affordable and sustainble sanitary items for all women in New Zealand.

Miranda comes from Christchurch and is driven to bring meaning to corporate social responsibility within the business world.

Jacinta comes from Feilding and wants to encourage more women in New Zealand to start their own businesses.

You can find both Miranda and Jacinta on LinkedIn.