Terms and Conditions



The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to you if you have a Dignity at Work subscription with Dignity Limited (“us” or “Dignity”).

1.     Subscription

1.1   You may sign up to Dignity at Work by completing the Dignity at Work application form and returning to us in person or by email to hello@dignitynz.com.

1.2   Your application form will specify:

1.2.1        the minimum term of your subscription, if any; and

1.2.2        the number of Dignity at Work products (i.e. boxes) you elect to receive each month. 

1.3   We will endeavour to respond to your application within 2 business days of receipt.

1.4   The Dignity at Work subscription outlined in your application form (“Subscription”) takes effect only if and when we notify you that we have accepted your application. 

2      Product

2.1   You agree to buy and take delivery of the Dignity at Work products specified in your Subscription (“Products”), for the duration of your Subscription.

2.2   The Products are sourced from Organic Initiative Limited (“OI”). Further information regarding OI is available on Dignity’s website (www.dignitynz.com).

2.3   The packaging of the Products may de different to how they may appear on the Dignity at Work application form and/or our website, but will be of a comparable quality.

2.4   For every unit of Product that you buy and pay for under your Subscription, we will provide a similar unit of product to a student at a New Zealand high school in need that has registered for our services.  Delivery of these Products may not occur in the same month as the deliveries under your Subscription.

2.5   Dignity may provide you with display boxes which may be used to display the Products in your workplace’s restrooms. These display boxes remain the property of Dignity and we ask that they are returned to us at the end of your Subscription.

3      Delivery

3.1   Every month of your Subscription, you will be delivered the quantity of Products specified in your Subscription, to the delivery address specified in your Subscription.

3.2   The indicative delivery date for your first monthly delivery will be stated in our Confirmation.  Subsequent monthly deliveries will be shipped to you in monthly intervals until your Subscription comes to an end.

3.3   We are not responsible for any loss that may arise from late delivery, but we will do our best to let you know if your monthly delivery is delayed for any reason.

3.4   Unless we have agreed otherwise, in addition to the unit price for our Products, you will pay the delivery cost for your monthly delivery, as set out in your Subscription.

3.5   If any Products delivered to you are defective or damaged, our obligations are limited, at our option, to replacing the Products or refunding the price paid by you for the Products.

3.6   Risk in the Product passes to you on delivery.

4       Prices

4.1   When you start your Subscription, the prices for our Products are as specified in your Subscription. 

4.2   If your Subscription is for a minimum term, the prices for the Products will not increase during the minimum term.

4.3   Otherwise, we may vary our prices from time to time. If we increase our Prices, including delivery costs, we will give you at least 14 days’ notice. If you do not agree to the changes, you can terminate your Subscription without charge, by letting us know during the 14 day notice period.

5       Payment

5.1   All prices for our Products are in NZ$ and exclude GST (unless specified otherwise).

5.2   Each month we will send you a GST invoice for the monthly quantity of Products covered by your Subscription, at the applicable Subscription price, plus the applicable delivery cost if any (“Invoice”). Your GST Invoice will be delivered to the email address provided by you.

5.3   Payment for the Invoice is due 7 days from the date of the Invoice.  The due date will be shown on the Invoice. Payment must be made by direct debit into our bank account (as specified on the Invoice).

5.4   You must pay all amounts set out in each Invoice in full, without any set-off or deduction.

5.5   If you are late paying your Invoice, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your Subscription and recover from you any debt recovery costs.

6       Changing your Subscription

6.1   You may change the monthly quantity of Products covered by your Subscription at any stage, by giving us at least 14 days’ notice prior to your next monthly delivery, although if your Subscription has a minimum term, then during the minimum term the monthly quantity cannot fall below the quantity in your original Subscription.

6.2   Where you increase the monthly quantity, each additional unit of Product will be charged at our then-current Prices.

7       Minimum Term and Termination

7.1   If your Subscription is for a minimum term, you agree to buy the Products for the minimum term. After the end of the minimum term, your Subscription will roll over each month until terminated by you.

7.2   If you cancel your Subscription within the minimum term, then except where these Terms say otherwise, you agree to pay an early termination charge equal to the price of your first monthly delivery under your Subscription.

7.3   If your Subscription has no minimum term, or where the minimum term has expired, either you or we can terminate the Subscription on 30 days’ notice. Where you wish to terminate your Subscription, you must do so by email to dignity.harnessyours@gmail.com.

7.4   We rely on a third party manufacturer so we can provide the Products for your Subscription. If, for any reason, our manufacturer is unable to provide the Products, we will endeavour to provide you Products from an alternative supply. If we are unable to find an alternative supply, we may cancel your Subscription with immediate effect, but we will refund you any amounts paid for Products not delivered.

8       Liability

8.1   We will not under any circumstances be liable to you under or in connection with your Subscription or any Product for any indirect or consequential loss.

8.2   Our only liability to you in connection with any faulty or defective Product is to refund the amounts paid for the Products affected. 

8.3   Our total liability to you under or in connection you’re your Subscription will not in any circumstances exceed the total amount paid by you for that Subscription. 

8.4   The limitations and exclusions in this section do not apply to any liability to the extent that it cannot lawfully be limited or excluded by contract.

9       General

9.1   Dignity acknowledges that should you consent to the use of name, trademarks or other intellectual property, or if Dignity wishes to make an announcement about or publicising the agreement (or similar), you will have editorial control over the content and display of that intellectual property, publicity and announcement

9.2   You confirm that you are “in trade”, and are acquiring the Products “in trade”, within the meaning of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. You agree that the provisions of the Act do not apply to your Subscription, or any Products supplied under your Subscription.

9.3   We may vary these Terms from time to time. If we do so, we will give your at least 30 days’ notice. 

9.4   If during your Subscription we vary these Terms in a way that is materially adverse to you, then at any time during the 30 day notice period you can cancel your Subscription without charge.

9.5   These Terms are governed by New Zealand law.