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Periods aren't just an annoyance for New Zealand female students, it's also affecting their education. Girls have been missing school and make-shifting items out of telephone books, toilet paper and rags because the cost of menstruation products is just too high. Even when families do prioritise these items the outcome can still detrimental. When you're living on $10 a day, a $6 packet of pads can reduce the ability to purchase healthy and fresh food that is conducive to concentration and learning. 

Periods are an unavoidable cost and students shouldn't be disadvantaged because of this. 

Through Dignity's buy-one give-one model businesses can help aid these students by providing these safe, quality and accessible tampons and pads to schools. So far, 500 boxes have been given to schools in both Wellington and Auckland. And we aren't stopping yet!

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So how does this empower working women? 

Despite the rapid growth over the last century in terms of gender equality. We still aren't there. 

“ It will be 100 years before we see real equality in top management”

–McKinsey and Company 2015

This is due to the fact that women only make up 17% of executive positions.  In New Zealand we only have 1 female CEO in the NZX50. 

So why is this? 

A large factor is that the workplace isn't always the most accommodating places for females. Unconscious bias, inflexibility and prejudice all play their part in this. By tackling this issue head-on, companies can can change the status quo. 

“Gender Diverse Companies have a 14% higher comparable revenue."  

— Mckinsey & Company 2015

We also know that 93% of people want to work for a company that cares about them as an individual. This is a large reason why wellbeing initiatives increase productivity and talent retention.

Our research showed that 75% of women are caught out by their period at least once a year, often while at work. By acknowledging this problem and taking it a step further to provide female sanitary items at all times, businesses can become more female friendly and wellbeing focused. 

It is a small part in a very large problem- But we provide an actionable step that companies can take to achieve their larger diversity goals.

So there you have it:  Dignity not only empowers your staff, but will raise your bottom dollar.

So you want a better business? Get Dignity.  

And that's just the beginning. 

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