Our advocacy arm, we want to change the game and make periods free for all students in New Zealand.

Why is it called Positive Periods you may ask? What we want is for every young person to have a positive and dignified experience with their period, regardless of the decile of the school that you attend.
— Positive Periods blog

WHy does dignity want to launch this campaign?

We have always felt the Dignity initiative is a band-aid solution until period poverty has become better understood and that a policy solution would be a feasible option. With the likes of Scotland, Wales and the UK mandating free sanitary items in schools we can take their learnings, research and policy ideas here to make sure periods are a positive experience for every young person.

Ultimately what we want is for no student to ever be caught short, feel embarrassed or not have the financial means of access to period products, period. Let’s make periods a positive experience for young people.