Dignity at

Dignity provides a Buy One Give One model for sanitary items in the workplace. Alongside Organic Initiative, Dignity at Work is a tangible initiative to encourage inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.


Xero - Wellington & Auckland


Industry: Accounting Software

Founded: 2006

Employees: 500

Dignity package: Team Package

Dignity customers since: June 2017



Why did Xero sign up to dignity?

Xero Head of HR Linda Bateson said it was an easy way to give something back to the community.

"Particularly when you look at the fact that there are lots of girls not going to school because they've got their period, can't afford sanitary items and are missing out on that vital education.

"That's a big thing that we're trying to advocate for - females getting into STEM [science, technology, engineering and maths], ultimately getting into tech. And this is kind of something we could do at that grassroots level to support girls." more...



Why is dignity an important initiative to xero?

Sarah, NZ Xero Facilities Manager says:

"We’re proud to not only be supporting young enterprising kiwi women in their strive to help young girls but also to support our own team members!" more...

Employee feedback

Their ethos is aligned to my own, and to Xero's. They are doing their bit to make this world/country a better place! 

I'm so impressed by this initiative.  I've told all my friends about it, makes me proud to work here

I think this is an amazing service, and I am so proud of Xero to support it.

Revolutionary and overdue.

I think Dignity are taking initiative and pushing to change something that effects many women and girls.

I love that it gives back and think the name is perfect!

A do-good company that makes you feel like you're helping too

Dignity makes me feel respected

Incredibly committed to helping both the earth and underprivileged women

Making New Zealand a better place for its women

It's a great initiative. It breaks down the taboo topic of having a period, and it makes going to the bathroom less awkward when it's that time of the month as you don't have to sneak your sanitary products in with you.

I think it's the best thing I've seen ever in a workplace, I absolutely love it

Only one? Game changing and freeing.

I think it is an amazing initiative to have the buy one give one concept. Also great if you get caught out at work without a tampon.

Such a wonderful initiative, for girls and to remove the stigma of periods!

A great initiative and supports women.