Dignity at Flick Electric 

Dignity provides a Buy One Give One model for sanitary items in the workplace. Alongside Organic Initiative, Dignity at work is a tangible initiative to encourage inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.


Flick electric Co


Industry: Electricity Retailer

Founded: 2013

Employees: 50

Dignity package: Team Package

Dignity customers since: April 2017



Having Dignity makes Flick female employees feel 83% more supported 
— Flick employee survey 2017

What does Flick think of dignity?

We are delighted to have partnered with Dignity. It has had a great response from the team here at Flick. We think it is a really positive way to demonstrate that we are a diverse and inclusive workplace.

When we gave it thought it really made sense – workplaces provide all kinds of office consumables – tea, coffee, pens, paper, paracetamol, band aids, fruit, beer. There is no good reason why sanitary items should not be included – we hope in the future it becomes the norm for all workplaces to make these products available to women. We hope other businesses follow in our footsteps.

In supporting Dignity it is clear that they have given thought to the products they supply – they have consciously decided to supply New Zealand made products and have been mindful of health and the environment . And of course we are pleased to be able to support an organisation who are helping resolve issues that impact on girls access to education.




Nikki: We are a small business so we can say yes quite easily. Right from the get go we have tried to be inclusive in energy and technology. We recognized that you could do more to support women in certain sectors and we want to support other businesses in Wellington that are doing great things


How did you find the sign-up process?

Maeve: Good! It was very seamless and easy from our perspective.


What was the implementation process?

Nikki: It was a nice message to go out to staff with, all it involved was sending a message out from us to our staff introducing who dignity are and what the service was that we were providing, and letting them know that the products were there for them to use. We had great response and amazingly it wasn’t just from women, it was right across our business.


How was process of signing up to Dignity and implementing the initiative in the workplace?

Nikki: It was easy

Maeve: It was very easy because we could meet with the lovely people at Dignity in person. Then delivery was seamless. I think the beautiful box, it works well in our space. 

Nikki: It was a bit awkward to be honest it’s not something that you talk about, I think society is moving on at a really big rate and talking about access to sanitary products is becoming a lot more mainstream. I was anxious that some of the men might find it uncomfortable or that we would get negative feedback – but there was no such thing.


How have your team found it so far?

Maeve: It’s clearly been a success because people have been using it.

Nikki: It is nice to know the products are there.


Has there been any notable change within staff?

Nikki: We have a generally high staff morale but as we grow I think you can’t take that for granted especially when a company is growing, so it is nice to demonstrate the little things that makes people’s lives easier

What was the feedback like about the Buy One Give One model?

Nikki: We got really really positive feedback on that, one employee in particular was really happy that we were supporting them as part of this initiative for girls in education. A lot of the women here, in particular in our technology space are real advocates for women in STEM careers. Anything that is a barrier to girls’ education we are keen for Flick to do our bit to help

Thoughts on the initiative in general?

Nikki: It should be really mainstream and I think touch wood, it’s not too long in the future before it is. I think it should have been in offices from the get go. It’s not that office consumables have to be used by everyone, workplaces happily provide tea and coffee, some people don’t drink caffeine. Or some places provide a beer on Friday and lots of people don’t drink. So, it’s absolutely one of those things workplaces should start providing.


employee quotes

An excellent organisation tackling a problem in our society

An amazing idea that is breaking down barriers (cultural, social & financial) & helping people see what periods are, natural, normal & nothing to be ashamed of.

It is an excellent initiative - hopefully becomes mainstream